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Liquid Crystal 16 Level Thermometer
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Dimensions:127mm x 12.5mm (5" x 0.5")
Scale: C & F
Increment: 1C
  • 14C - 31C (58F - 88F)
  • 32C - 49C (90F - 120F)
These self-adhesive reversible liquid crystal thermometers have sixteen temperature sensitive panels which change colour at a given temperature.

Suitable for a wide range of environments. Particularly useful in situations where traditional glass thermometers do not fit or cannot be used.

They are currently available in 5 temperature ranges in 1°C increments, the temperature is indicated in both Centigrade & Farenheit.

  • Instant Response - continuous readout
  • No Batteries or Glass
  • Non Toxic
  • Self Adhesive backing attaches to most clean, flat surfaces
Suitable for a wide range of medical, industrial and food industry uses.

Liquid Crystal 16 Level Thermometer
Liquid Crystal 16 Level Thermometer Ref: LC16L

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