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Air Checks
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Steam/Air Retort Process Indicator
Reaction Conditions:
2 minutes at 121C(250F) Saturated Steam
Colour change: Purple to green.
Dimensions: 4.76cm x 8.89cm (1.875 X 3.5)
Type: Retort Processing Indicator
New & Exclusive to TI
This new product is exclusive to Temperature Indicators and is designed to be used in steam-air retort processes. If you are processing cans, jars, bottles, pouches or any kind of soft pack using a steam air mix, this product is ideal.

Our other time/temperature/steam indicators require saturated steam to provide a full colour change and are designed to flag up problems if the retort is not operating properly. If there is air present in the process, either through equipment malfunction or through deliberate addition in a Lagarde, this leads to an incomplete colour change on a Retort Check - the indicator is doing it's job!

This new temperature indicator changes that - it works in up to 25% air to give a a full colour change, providing operators with a permanent record of retort processing, ideal for operators of the latest Lagarde steam/air retorts.

This product is unique and only available through Temperature Indicators. It allows retort users to confirm batch processing in retort sterilization, giving a strong visual indication that can be kept with your other records to provide clear evidence for audits and inspections.

The Air-Checks indicator is used as an indicator for steam/air retort processing. The purple indicator ink turns green when exposed to steam/air pressure processing.
  1. Attach one Air-Checks processing indicator to each basket before retorting.
  2. After retort processing, inspect each indicator, Indicator ink bar changes colour from purple to green during retort processing. If the indicator bar is not completely green, notify supervisor.

Air-Checks Indicators should be stored at normal room temperatures: 50°-100°F (10°-38°C). Protect from moisture and excess humidity.

Air Checks Bag
Air Checks Bag Ref: AC/250PK

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Air Checks Carton
Air Checks Carton Ref: AC/5000

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