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Cannery Check

Cannery Check
Size: 47mm x 95mm (1.85" x 1.5")
Colour Change Purple to Green, permanent.
Reaction: at 121C (250F) Saturated Steam
  • Complete Colour change 6 minutes +/- 40s

The Cannery Check provides a permanent record of processing for batch retort processing. It is a smaller indicator for use in applications where cost is a factor.

The indicator turns from purple to green when exposed to saturated steam for the prescribed time and temperature as shown in the selection chart.

Cannery Checks are manufactured in accordance with FDA QSR and ISO 9002 in an FDA Quality Systems Registered facility.

Cannery Checks :Pack (300 units)
Cannery Checks :Pack (300 units) Ref: CANN/300

Price: 24.19 / $38.69 (Exc. VAT at 20%)
In Stock
per pack of 300 units
Cannery Checks : Carton (6000 units)
Cannery Checks : Carton (6000 units) Ref: CANN01

Price: 465.39 / $744.39 (Exc. VAT at 20%)
In Stock
per case of 6000 units