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Type: Laminated EO Process Indicator
ISO: 11140-1:2005, Class 5
AAMI: ST60, Class 5
Colour change: Yellow to Brown, one way permanent.
Dimensions: 1.587cm x 9.652cm (0.625 x 3.8")
Reaction Conditions: 60 minutes or longer at 600mg/l ethylene oxide, 40-60% Relative Humidity, 54C (129.2F)
The SteriTec Cross-Checks EO provide an integrated response to ethylene oxide gas sterilization. When all sterilisation parameters have been met the check marks change colour to brown as dark or darker than the text and graphics colour.

The Cross-Checks EO gives visible confirmation of the attainment of sterilization conditions at their locations within the sterilizer chamber.

Cross-Checks EO EO Gas Integrator Strip
Cross-Checks EO
EO Gas Integrator Strip
Ref: CI 106

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