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Type: Steam Process Indicator
ISO: 11140-1:2005, Class 4
AAMI: ST60, Class 4
Colour change: Blue to Black, one way permanent.
Dimensions: 1.428cm x 9.652cm (0.5625 x 3.8")
Safety Data: Material Safety Data Sheet
Reaction Time:
  • 10.5 minutes (+0/-2.6 min.) at 121C (+0/-2C)
  • 3.5 minutes (+0/-52 sec.) at 132C (+0/-2C)
  • 3 minutes (+0/-45 sec.) at 134C (+0/-2C)
The Steritec Cross-Checks S is a multi-parameter indicator providing an accurate response to steam sterilization at 134° C for pre-vacuum sterilizers operating for 3 minutes or longer.

When exposed to a steam sterilisation process, the indicator bar changes colour from blue to black, thus verifying that critical parameters were met.

The Cross-Checks S indicator gives a visible confirmation of the attainment of sterilization conditions at the location of the indicator strip within the sterilizer chamber.

  • Surpasses performance of biological spore strips.
  • Accurate Requires all parameters for steam sterilization be met. Distinctive white to black or blue to black for CI 134. Colour change is not reversible.
  • Easy to interpret Colour reference arrows printed on each indicator.

Cross Checks SSteam Indicator, Short Strip
Cross Checks S
Steam Indicator, Short Strip
Ref: CI 134

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