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Online Catalogue |  Medical Sterilization |  Emu-Graph Emulator

Type: Laminated Steam Process Indicator
ISO: 11140-1:2005, 6
EN: 8671 Class D
Colour change: Purple to Green, one way permanent.
Dimensions: 7.62cm x 1.905cm (3" x .75")
Reaction Time: See below
2 MIN 2 min. 1.5 min. 1 min.
4 MIN 4 min. 3.5 min. 3 min.
The SteriTec Emu-Graph Emulator uses a specialized top-of-the-line indicator ink that changes color from purple to green. It gives an ISO Class 6 response to steam sterilization in pre-vacuum sterilizers operating at 132°C - 135ºC for 3 minutes or longer.

The Emu-Graph has two different indicator inks printed on each indicator. The user can determine:
  1. If neither indicator bars turn green, the emulator has been subjected to insufficient steam sterilisation conditions.
  2. If the 2 MIN bar turns green, biological kill was achieved, but not with a sufficient safety margin.
  3. If both the bars turn green a sufficient safety margin was obtained.

The Emu-graph gives a visible confirmation of the attainment of sterilization conditions at the location within the sterilizer chamber. Lead free, plastic Laminated.

Emu-Graph EmulatorSteam Emulator Strip
Emu-Graph Emulator
Steam Emulator Strip
Ref: CI 131

Price: 319.40 / $510.88 (Exc. VAT at 20%)
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per case of 5000