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Fridge Bell Top Thermometer
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Dimensions: 102mm x 55mm
Imprint: 48mm x 30mm

This fridge indicator is designed to be hung on the shelves of your fridge to ensure food is kept at recommended temperatures to keep it fresher longer.

See also our fridge thermometer which can be stuck to the inside of the fridge.

This product can be fully customised with your own logo, design or text. Please Contact Us for details.

Single Fridge Thermometer
Single Fridge Thermometer Ref: LC-FRIDGE BELLTOP

Price: 2.97 / $4.75 (Exc. VAT at 20%)
In Stock
A Single Bell Top Thermometer
10 Fridge Thermometers
10 Fridge Thermometers Ref: LC-FRIDGE BTOP 10PK

Price: 28.20 / $45.11 (Exc. VAT at 20%)
In Stock
A Pack of 10 Bell Top Thermometers