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Steam Chart 121
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Type: Steam Process Indicator
ISO: 11140-1:2005, Class 5
AAMI: ST79, Class 5
Colour change: Purple to Green, one way permanent.
Dimensions: 5.875cm x 2.222cm (2.313" x 0.875")
Reaction Time: See Below
The SteriTec Steam Chart 121 uses top-of-the-line ink that changes from purple to green to provide an integrated response to steam sterilization at 121°C (249.8ºF)to 134°C (273.2ºF) for pre-vacuum or gravity sterilizers operating for 15 minutes or longer.

The Steam Chart 121 has four different timing indicators printed on each strip.
Reaction Times
1 6 min. 2 min.
2 11 min. 4 min.
3 15 min. 5 min.
4 35 min. 12 min.
If the first, second and third spots turn green sterilisation conditions were met.

It gives a visible confirmation of the attainment of sterilization conditions at the location within the sterilizer chamber. Lead free, plastic laminated.

Steam Chart 121 Steam Integrator Strip
Steam Chart 121
Steam Integrator Strip
Ref: CI 108/121-134

Price: 291.51 / $466.27 (Exc. VAT at 20%)
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