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Tempasure Descending Temperature Indicator

Size: 25 x 17x 6mm / 1.38" x 0.69" x 0.22"
Scale: C
Range: -10C to 10C across 5 labels
Length: (with activation tab) 54mm / 2.13"
Weight: 4.3g / 0.15oz

The Tempasure self-contained recorder monitors your shipments by recording a critical low temperature of refrigerated temperature sensitive products in storage or transit.

The miniature self-adhesive Tempasure has a 2C accuracy bimetallic sensing element that snaps at its critical cold temperature, permanently turning an indicating window from clear into bright red.

The rugged all-mechanical plastic-housed recorder has a long storage life. This unique patented design eliminates delicate chemical sensors, fragile glass and requires no batteries.

Simple installation.
Allow sensor to stabilize at product temperature. Pull safety TAB to activate sensor. Attach with self-adhesive backing.

Reliable operation.
Sensor window stays clear to indicate acceptable storage

Permanent recording.
Bimetallic sensor disc snaps into indicator window when subjected to the critical temp., irreversibly turning it from clear to red.

  • Assure the quality of refrigerated pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, film, medical devices, electronics
  • Provide an accurate, permanent visual record of damaging low temperature conditions
  • Records descending (freezing) conditions at a critical temperature

Tempasure Descending Indicator
Tempasure Descending Indicator Ref: TA

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