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Wash Checks U
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Disposable Ultrasonic Cleaning Monitor
Colour change: Removal of blue test soil indicates effective cleaning
Dimensions: 8.89cm x 2.54cm (3.5" x 1")
Type: Aluminium foil strip with a test soil applied(blue square)
Record Sheet: Cleaning Record Sheet
The Wash-Checks U Monitor is an easy to use prepared test for determining the cleaning effectiveness of an ultrasonic cleaner. The test is placed in a holder (WC 102) for easy placement in the ultrasonic cleaner.

It Monitors the ultrasonic washing process including time, temperature, cavitation and detergent

The test soil (blue square) simulates human blood and tissue debris. The removal of all test soil indicates effective cleaning.

The Wash-Checks U Monitor consists of a metal foil strip with a test soil applied (blue square).

  • Check Your Washer/Detergent System Effectiveness With A Consistent Monitor On A Routine Basis When cleaning conditions are effective, the test soil on monitor is dissolved. The presence of a large amount of blue test soil remaining on the device means a serious deficiency in ultrasonic cleaning efficiency.
  • Low Cost Monitor Promotes Routine Use We recommend monitoring the ultrasonic cleaner once daily with an empty load for a machine release and periodically throughout the day with instruments for a load release.
  • Use With Wash-Checks Holder Save money by using the same holder for your Wash-ChecksWash-Disinfector monitors and your Wash-Checks UUltrasonic monitors. Wash-checks U have a special edge that assures you insert the monitor the correct amount so that the test soil is fully exposed.
Download this cleaning record for your use
. Cleaning Record (pdf format)pdf file

Wash Checks U
Wash Checks U Ref: WC108

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