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Dimensions: 32mm diameter x 6mm
Scale: C
Range: -17 to +20C
Type: Circular, adhesive backed indicator label
Shelf Life: 6 months (refrigerated)
Use: Hand activated by pressing the centre of the indicator.

The Chillchecker is a cost effective and easy-to-use means of identifying temperature abuse of refrigerated or frozen items in transport or storage. Typical uses include monitoring pharmaceutical products or chilled food.

The indicator is chilled overnight to the ambient temperature of the item or package, then activated by pressing the centre of the indicator. If the surface temperature of the item increases and exceeds the rating of the indicator, a strong visual reaction occurs. The indicator turns from white to dark blue. The colour change is permanent giving operatives a simple demonstration of abuse in transit.

NOTE: The Chillchecker will not react if minor fluctuations occur in air temperature. The indicator will only react when the actual surface temperature of the item rises, giving a greater degree of accuracy than other methods. Each indicator reacts at one temperature only and is accurate to +/- 1C.

The Chillchecker has a 6 month shelflife and is manufactured to order by hand. We therefore recommend you allow for 5 weeks delivery when ordering.

Instructions for use

Standard Range

-17 to +20C


  1. Peel the release paper from the back of the indicator and apply to the subject being measured.
  2. Cool below specified rating prior to activating
  3. To activate, push the centre of the indicator (by hand)


Staining of the white paper will be seen should the temperature range be exceeded.


It is recommended that the indicators be stored in a refrigerator prior to use.

Chillchecker Ref: ChillCheck

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