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Explanation of Symbols

We want to make it easier for you to find relevant information on a given product. That is why we have developed a set of icons which give additional information about each product, where available.

The ISO icons indicate which International Standards Organizations's standards the product complies with.
This icon links to the product's interpretation guide or additional information
Links to the product's data sheet providing additional technical information.
Links to the product brochure. Some products have sales brochures which contain additional information.
An arrow pointing up denotes that the indicator reacts when temperature increases to or beyond the indicators activation temperature. This can be used to provide a permanent record of temperature abuse of refrigerated or frozen items, as well as showing temperature achievement for thermal processes.
An arrow pointing down denotes that the indicator reacts to decreasing temperature. This can be used to permanently demonstrate exposure to freezing temperatures
Arrows that point up and down denote an indicator that reacts to movements in temperature up and down a scale. These indicators usually incorporate a reversible colour change that changes with temperature. These indicators show real-time temperature fluctuations but often are unsuitable for permanent records or delayed analysis.