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A milestone – and a thank you!

Later this year Temperature Indicators will celebrate its 25th birthday. In that time the business has grown from its humble beginnings as a very small division of a label and packaging supplies company to become a dedicated niche specialist providing unique solutions to food processing plants, medical facilities and engineering sectors all over the world
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Website updates and new site for the USA on its way

The last few weeks have been pretty busy here at Temperature Indicators. We’ve been busy upgrading our UK based website so that the software behind the scenes is completely up to date. This enables us to provide a good service selling a comprehensive range of temperature indicator thermometer labels, medical sterilisation and contamination indicators [...] more
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Phone system problems all resolved

*EDIT* Just a quick note to let you know everything is resolved and our lines are back up and running. We’ve been using the same system and line provider for a long time now and it’s probably time we updated, so we’ve got some fibre lines being installed in the next few weeks and a [...] more
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Ultrasound Cleaning – an introduction to SteriTec Wash-Checks U washer monitors

Here at TI we’re big fans of ¬†SteriTec instrument washer indicators. They provide more accurate and reliable ¬†indications — based on a greater number of parameters than the competition — and often work out significantly cheaper. What’s not to like? Here’s a short video introducing the SteriTec Products [...] more
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SteriTec sterilization indicators tested against Steris / Browne

Here at Temperature Indicators we’re strong advocates of the technological superiority of the SteriTec medical instrument sterilisation indicators when compared with the products made by Steris, Browne etc. We believe that SteriTec products provide not just a higher technical standard but a far greater level of [...] more
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California here we come! A new US warehouse facility for TI

Here at TI we’ve been busy keeping up with a significant increase in business in 2012. Over the last few months we noticed that sales of our food processing indicators for canning and thermal processing have increased dramatically in the USA. We’re very happy that more and more food manufacturers [...] more
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FREE DELIVERY on web orders for all our UK customers

One of our customers called up last week to place an order for a competitive product they would normally have bought elsewhere. We were pleased to learn that our product was a higher spec, offered greater functionality, cheaper and, crucially, had a much lower delivery cost. We gained a new customer and they got a [...] more
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Sterilisation Indicators

Do you buy sterilisation indicators? Temperature Indicators is a distributor of the SteriTec range of time/temperature medical sterilisation indicators made in the U.S. What we aim to do is provide a functionally superior product at a lower price. Our products meet the relevant ISO, and AAMI requirements for medical indicators and SteriTec staff sit on 7 of [...] more
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Buying steam autoclave tape? We’ll beat the price of your current supplier!

  Temperature Indicators can now supply very high quality Class 1 autoclave tape for steam sterilisation autoclaves. This process indicator tape is lead & latex free and available ex-stock in two sizes, 18mm and 24mm, both 50m length. This tape, unlike many on the market, is not made in China but in North America and performs to [...] more
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Colder weather on its way? We’ve got that covered….

Here at TI we don’t see much seasonal variation in the amount of business we do, it just shifts from one set of products to another as the year progresses and the seasons change. In the summer we’re busy helping a lot of people protect items from excessive temperatures, for example by providing labels that [...] more
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