Buying steam autoclave tape? We’ll beat the price of your current supplier!

Lead & Latex Free Autoclave Tape

Price-beating promise on all autoclave tape


Temperature Indicators can now supply very high quality Class 1 autoclave tape for steam sterilisation autoclaves.

This process indicator tape is lead & latex free and available ex-stock in two sizes, 18mm and 24mm, both 50m length. This tape, unlike many on the market, is not made in China but in North America and performs to the highest standards. It conforms to ISO 11140-1:2009 (Class 1) specification and the ink changes from beige/light green to black when exposed to a suitable process.

Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent in the UK, Temperature Indicators only supplies visual indicators that are used to give users the clearest and most reliable indication of temperature change or exposure to sterilant media. A full range of instrument washer validation indicators are also available: the Wash Check range manufactured by SteriTec in the USA, and a full range of SteriTec time and temperature integrators to conform to other ISO standards, including steam, dry heat, pre-vacuum, Formaldehyde and EtO sterilisation processes. With 25 years experience and stock available to ship next day, customers can rely on prompt deliveries of high quality products that are 100% accurate. We offer the best available products at highly competitive prices and ship worldwide.

Many people will already be buying this kind of tape, so Temperature Indicators offer to beat the current price of all existing IDSc members’ existing suppliers – and have done so already for several UK hospitals. You can also request a free sample of this autoclave tape by emailing

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