California here we come! A new US warehouse facility for TI

Here at TI we’ve been busy keeping up with a significant increase in business in 2012. Over the last few months we noticed that sales of our food processing indicators for canning and thermal processing have increased dramatically in the USA. We’re very happy that more and more food manufacturers are using our products to verify their processes and ensure proper retort function.

We’ve been distributing the SteriTec range in the US for over 10 years now and have also noticed a marked increase in demand for our Thermal Process Checks, a great product for processes from 88ºC / 190F to 116ºC / 241F.

All this has led us to think about how we could replicate the distribution model we have in the UK – with stocks of 99% of the items we sell, rapid order processing and free delivery for online orders. What we came up with was to open a new warehouse in California!

Starting January we will be storing and shipping core products from our new facility near LAX airport in Los Angeles. We will be gradually building up stock of our core food processing indicators over the first quarter next year and building a new, dedicated website for our US customers to benefit from the same free delivery option provided to our UK customers.

This also means we can ship to our customers in the Asia Pacific region without incurring the added time and ever-increasing airfreight costs of shipping to the UK first, helping us to remain competitive.

Why sunny, warm Los Angeles with it’s beautiful beaches? Well, we’re British, it’s cold and it rains rather a lot in England….

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