FREE DELIVERY on web orders for all our UK customers

One of our customers called up last week to place an order for a competitive product they would normally have bought elsewhere. We were pleased to learn that our product was a higher spec, offered greater functionality, cheaper and, crucially, had a much lower delivery cost. We gained a new customer and they got a better product for less.

That gave us an idea….

At TI we are always looking for ways to remain competitive. Many of our products are unique, you’ll not find them anywhere else in the world but a small number are commodity consumable items that may be bought elsewhere. You might be able to find a similar medical sterilisation indicator tape or tag at another distributor and in those cases we will always try to price match to win business.

As the only specialist supplier of visual colour change indicators in the world, we want to ensure we still offer the same great service and extensive product knowledge that comes from over 25 years experience. We have large stocks of all our thermometers, temperature sensitive labels and instrument sterilization indicators and we also recognise that some suppliers might hide a high shipping cost behind a low unit cost.

With us you get both: you get a very competitive price (try us, we’re now supplying more UK hospitals, dentists and private clinics with more high quality autoclave tape and medical steam sterilisation indicators than ever before at fantastic prices) but we now offer a 3-5 day free delivery on all web orders that are shipped to a UK address. If you want it delivered a little faster there is a chargeable option that will ensure a 1-2 day delivery. Why just web orders? It’s faster! You put in the information about what you want, where it has to go and pay for it immediately, so it reduces the work we do at this end. The least we can do is recognise that by offering a cost saving; we remain competitive and your online purchases are just that bit cheaper.

Got any questions or interested in a competitive price quotation? Please email us – we promise a very quick reply.

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