It’s not all work, work, work…. Temperature Indicators & SERV Kent

Here at TI we don’t just spend our time coming up with new ways to show how temperature changes can be turned into colour changes, we’re also proud to give a little time every few nights to an important local charity.

SERV Kent is regional part of a national charity in the UK that delivers emergency blood products and samples to and from hospitals and blood banks, at night, for free. The NHS saves money by avoiding the costs of using emergency service vehicles, specialist couriers or taxis. SERV operates on call 365 days a year, in all weather conditions and the Kent region had, by the end of August this year, conducted well over 800 callouts since January 1st 2011. On a busy night it is quite normal for 10 volunteers to be out and about in our local area ensuring that urgently needed blood is delivered to its destination safely and on time.

It was great to be able to assist with a testing requirement that arose recently at SERV. The National Blood Service is introducing new blood transportation boxes that provide greater protection to the contents. An important part of this process is to verify internal temperature and chill-effect when on motorcycles (with SERV), which necessitated detailed temperature testing, both in wind tunnels and on the road. In order to achieve this, SERV called us and asked if we could help. We suggested the USB product by Lascar, a great way to measure temperature variations in transit. We’ve supplied this product to many customers who need to track a temperature profile when shipping international consignments, or when space or time constraints mean that a creative solution is needed. Lascar provided a number of samples and the tests went ahead successfully. The Data Loggers are really easy to configure and can be set to monitor temperature as needed – every few seconds or once or twice an hour. They come with their own battery, Windows software and a guide to ensure they are easy and quick to use.

EL-USB-1 Datalogger thermometer

Data Logger Thermometer

Please give blood and if you see a SERV rider out on the roads tonight, remember they’re carrying a very precious cargo.

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