SteriTec sterilization indicators tested against Steris / Browne

Here at Temperature Indicators we’re strong advocates of the technological superiority of the SteriTec medical instrument sterilisation indicators when compared with the products made by Steris, Browne etc.

We believe that SteriTec products provide not just a higher technical standard but a far greater level of security and safety for the oprator and, ultimately, the patient.

Those are substantial claims, but this video from SteriTec demonstrates why their products outperform other methods of sterilization verification. Hospitals using indicator tags like the Emugraph are providing far higher levels of security and validation than any allegedly comparable products – often at a far more attractive price.

Can you really afford to take the risk?

Contact us today for free samples and a competitive quotation on the best sterilization indicators available. Remember, the same high standards apply to all the indicators we sell.

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