Website updates and new site for the USA on its way

The last few weeks have been pretty busy here at Temperature Indicators. We’ve been busy upgrading our UK based website so that the software behind the scenes is completely up to date. This enables us to provide a good service selling a comprehensive range of temperature indicator thermometer labels, medical sterilisation and contamination indicators and food processing indicators. Whilst that has been going on we’ve also decided to invest in a website solely focused on the USA market, that will provide thermometer labels to industry. We’re busy building that and hope to launch it this summer.

We also have been supplying the SteriTec Retort Check and Air Check food canning batch processing indicator tags to our US customers for many years now. These are indicators made of strong, moisture resistant card that are used in a variety of canned food processes where a static retort is used. The ink used on the Retort Check tags will only change colour if the correct combination of time, temperature and steam (of a sufficient quality) is present in the retort. The Air Check tags are used when the process demands the use of small quantities of air to pressurise the retort vessel, usually a Lagarde system.

Over the last 2-3 years we’ve seen a big increase in business in the USA and we realised last year that the time was right to set up a new company to focus on providing the best possible service to our US customers. Our intention is to provide an online presence that will allow customers in the food processing sectors in the USA, Central America and South America to order online, check pricing and quantity discounts and to benefit from special offers, such as promotions and free delivery offers on our unique range of food processing indicators. We’re busy building that website and we hope that you’ll check it out. The software we’re using is right up to date and should enable us to list products through amazon, eBay and others whilst still providing a very high quality service to our long standing account customers who buy in volume.

All shipments will be from our new warehouse facility in California and we’re shipping orders with FedEx to ensure a prompt and reliable delivery to our customers.

As you can imagine, we want to get things right from the outset, so building the site will take a little time, but we’ll post an update when we’re at the testing stage.

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