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New Product – a retort indicator for Steam Air retorts!

Air CheckFinally, after much effort, research, testing and refining, we’ve got an indicator that works in a steam air environment. If you use Lagarde retorts for canning processes, including sterilization processing of jars pouches, packs and other containers, there is a possibility that this retort tag will be for you. It’s called the Air Check and it allows food processors to record each process much more effectively.

It’s like a Retort Check in that it looks the same, changes colour in the same way but will also react in a process that includes air in the retort. This indicator tag will give you a much clearer indication of appropriate heat processing that any other indicator on the market, a permanent record of batch processing that you can keep, unlike the regular autoclave tape so often used in canning plants around the world.

The tag allows canning plant operators to record the batch number,  basket number and retort number, all on a strong, resilient card carrying the intelligent ink that will change colour in the process.

The Air Check is exclusive to Temperature Indicators and available from our website here.

Temperature Indicators supplies visual indicator labels and tags to industry all over the world. Visit our website to learn more about our great range of indicators and test kits. We also carry water test kits, medical sterilization indicators and a huge range of industrial and domestic thermometer warning labels.

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