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Interesting refrigeration enquiries

We’re getting a lot of enquiries for people wanting to monitor refrigerated food items in transit, not only to check they don’t go over particular temperature thresholds but also to make sure they don’t get too cold.

Monitoring refrigerated items can be done using the Chillchecker and the descending temperature can be measured by using the Tempasure product.

These indicators are very accurate, reliable and tried and tested. We are often asked if there are any ways to vary the temperatures available and sadly it can’t be done – the indicators are rather precise things that have been developed over many years to function within very strict parameters and basically, if it doesnt exist, it can’t be done commercially! Nevertheless we try and cover the majority of requirements.

If you want more information or advice on a specific application then please email us, we’re happy to help. We learnt a long time ago that every enquiry is different.

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