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Colder weather on its way? We’ve got that covered….

Here at TI we don’t see much seasonal variation in the amount of business we do, it just shifts from one set of products to another as the year progresses and the seasons change. In the summer we’re busy helping a lot of people protect items from excessive temperatures, for example by providing labels that demonstrate that high temperatures have been reached, usually in transportation.  These shipping temperature labels are used when companies are using airfreight or seafreight to send temperature sensitive items like pharmaceutical products to locations where, in the Northern hemisphere, temperatures are reaching pretty high levels over Summer.

Naturally this continues through the year; as the Southern hemisphere shifts into summer, the same concerns about high temperature abuse arise, and we see a rise in the number of enquiries from customers on the other side of the Equator for labels that provide evidence of critical temperatures being exceeded.

As winter approaches for us in the North, we see a strong demand from our part of the world for indicator labels and tags that show when temperatures have gone too low. Again, we’ve got this covered. The 3M Freeze Watch is a great indicator – we’re big fans of this particular 3M product and we always have these in stock during winter time. If you need to show exposure to freezing conditions then this is the product to use. Just one suggestion, if you need to buy it (which you can do very easily from our website) then please try to order it before temperatures drop below  0C. This indicator works well, reacting in a prompt and accurate manner. Protecting it from this colour change in the delivery process can be a bit tricky. Load areas in delivery vehicles can be very cold and exposed to extreme temperatures, so we definitely recommend you order it way before you need it. We’ve learnt this from experience, and it’s important to pass this on to you!

No matter what time of year it is, lots of items are stored and transported in refrigerated conditions. Again, we’re well prepared for this, with our Chillchecker product, a range of labels that react to increasing temperature at lower levels.  Each label reacts at one temperature only, and they are available in a range from -17C to +20C.

If you don’t see an indicator on our website that matches your needs, send us an email through our site. One of our experienced staff will respond with an answer to your question within 24 hours, often MUCH faster! We’ve been shipping worldwide for as long as we’ve been in business, we have staff with a detailed knowledge of shipping and transportation, and we’re very good at tailoring shipping procedures to meet both the needs of the product and our customers. We keep an eye on prices too – what we pay for transportation is what you pay – and our staff have a background in the shipping industy and do a great job of hunting out good deals from our service providers!

If we get it right first time, we like to think you’ll come back, and that’s why we have many customers that have been with us since the very beginning.

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Lower Shipping Costs For Europe

We’re continuing to roll out lower shipping costs across the site, after the success of our reduced shipping costs for US customers. This week we’re rolling out cheaper shipping costs for all our customers in the European Union, using FedEx. That means that you can now order temperature indicator labels or medical sterilisation indicators and benefit from a reduced overall cost. It also allows for online tracking.

We’re committed to keeping our prices competitive and are proud to say we offer much better prices across our range than our competition.

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New reduced shipping costs to the US with FedEx

One of the more complicated aspects of our business is moving sensitive temperature labels and indicators around the world so they get to our customers intact. This can be challenging, especially when products like the Freeze Watch are shipped when an unexpectedly cold period hits. The temperature labels in particular need careful packing and rapid shipment to ensure they reach the destination in good condition – the reaction and colour change is permanent once exposed!

In the past we’ve used UPS to deliver our urgent consignments, and unfortuately they charge pretty high prices. As a result, we’ve looked at alternatives and FedEx seems to have the best combination of price and service to ensure we get our thermometer labels, canning process indicators and home safety thermometers shipped to our customers. We also get to reduce our shipping costs and will be rolling these out over the next couple of weeks.

Delivery from the UK to the US takes 2 days to most major cities, so we aim to get an order shipped within 24-48 hours and with a customer in another 48 hours. In practice this duration can be halved.

Also, remember that food canning indicator products in the Retort Check and Cannery Check ranges are usually shipped to our US customers from the SteriTec manufacturing facility in Englewood, CO using UPS. Orders for small quantities of these retort sterilization indicators are sent from the UK where we hold a larger variety of stock.

The website calculates shipping costs automatically when you place an order, and if you need further information on our temperature indicator products and labels, please email us using this page of the website.

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Cold Weather, Freight and Freezing Indicators

freeze indicator label

Freeze Watch

We’ve just heard back from our freight forwarder that shipments are starting to move again, albeit slowly. As a precaution we’re taking bookings for cargo 5 or 6 days forward just to make sure we get the space. We have a couple of our customers who are canners overseas who need retort process indicators urgently and are held up because of the snow and unusually cold weather in and around London (a temperature of -10C is very rare here but has been almost continually for 2 weeks now). Rest assured we’re doing our best. UK deliveries for canning indicators and temperature labels are doing better, with minor delays of approximately 2 days at the moment.

We won’t be closing for the Christmas and New Year interim period but we do expect courier companies to be operating with reduced staff. If you need stock urgently then let us know, and remember that our online ordering system is available 24hrs a day. It’s the fastest way to get a delivery.

At this time of year we always see an increase in popularity of the Freeze Watch indicator that provides evidence of exposure to freezing conditions. Check it out in the Refrigeration section of the website – we’ve made sure we have good stocks available for immediate shipment. It’s a great product: accurate, easy to use and has a strong visual impact. Just peel off the backing paper and stick it to our chosen item or surface. If temperatures drop below 0C / 32F then the indicator activates and you see the colour change seen in the photo above. Need to measure refrigerated products to check for increasing temperatures? Why not have a look at the Chillchecker?

Best wishes for the holidays and wrap up warm!

All at TI

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Urgent shipments!

It’s been an interesting few weeks, keeping on top of the usual busy period before the festive period starts. We’ve added a few new products to the site and some more will go on in the next couple of weeks: liquid crystal thermometers for use in the home. More on that soon.

We had an interesting request this week – to ship some indicators to a cruise ship docking in New York within 2 days. After we’d checked the logistics, the labels shipped out the same day (yesterday) and were delivered today in NY. We normally work to process and ship an order in 24 hours – but when asked, and it’s possible, we do our best to work faster.

The unfortunate irony is that, whilst one courier can sometimes be great at getting a package to the US in 24 hours, another might let us down on a delivery travelling only 30 miles. We’ve been struggling with leadtimes this week due to UK couriers being swamped by Christmas freight. Sorry if you’re one of the small number who’ve been affected; for the next 2 weeks please let us know of your order is urgent so we can plan accordingly. Stay safe in the bad weather!

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Customers without postcodes

An interesting problem arose this week with one of our customers in the Republic of Ireland. ROI doesn’t have postcodes and our software package needs one before it will treat addresses as complete. If you don’t have postcodes in your country then just put a couple of zeros in the box and it should work fine.
If you do have them, please make sure you include the correct details or we may have problems shipping your order. If you are sure, or you need further information, just email us.

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