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Collaborative tailoring of our products

We recently had an enquiry from a trade organisation that wanted to purchase some temperature indicating labels and then sub-distribute them to their members. They would design the labels to meet an industry specification and standard to ensure their members received a product that functioned correctly but also met certain standards.

This got me thinking about ways in which we could use ideas of collaborative consumption to provide products to our customers that are both functional and very competitively priced. This could mean that two or more companies, or a trade body that shares technology or business connections could utilise combined purchasing power to benefit from economies of scale, thus obtaining bespoke temperature sensitive products with special functionality or design changes at lower prices.

We can tailor all our temperature labels, indicators and tags so long as the design requirements are within some particular parameters and the quantity meets some minimums. Some customers may have overseas facilities and subsidiaries that could potentially use a similar product for temperature measurement and could combine their purchasing power to get a tailored product at a lower price.

We’re always open to new ideas about how we can change and adapt our temperature label products. We recently implemented a design change across our Retort Check food canning steam sterilisation indicator in response to one customer’s needs – the change made a lot of sense and we therefore rolled it on all lines.

Please feel free to contact us if you think we can help. We want to make sure that our products meet your needs and that we continue to offer the best possible service to our customers, wherever they are located and however the products are used.

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New reduced shipping costs to the US with FedEx

One of the more complicated aspects of our business is moving sensitive temperature labels and indicators around the world so they get to our customers intact. This can be challenging, especially when products like the Freeze Watch are shipped when an unexpectedly cold period hits. The temperature labels in particular need careful packing and rapid shipment to ensure they reach the destination in good condition – the reaction and colour change is permanent once exposed!

In the past we’ve used UPS to deliver our urgent consignments, and unfortuately they charge pretty high prices. As a result, we’ve looked at alternatives and FedEx seems to have the best combination of price and service to ensure we get our thermometer labels, canning process indicators and home safety thermometers shipped to our customers. We also get to reduce our shipping costs and will be rolling these out over the next couple of weeks.

Delivery from the UK to the US takes 2 days to most major cities, so we aim to get an order shipped within 24-48 hours and with a customer in another 48 hours. In practice this duration can be halved.

Also, remember that food canning indicator products in the Retort Check and Cannery Check ranges are usually shipped to our US customers from the SteriTec manufacturing facility in Englewood, CO using UPS. Orders for small quantities of these retort sterilization indicators are sent from the UK where we hold a larger variety of stock.

The website calculates shipping costs automatically when you place an order, and if you need further information on our temperature indicator products and labels, please email us using this page of the website.

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American Express

We’ve had a few enquiries recently about using American Express on the site. We have therefore added this functionality and it will be going live when we run the next update in a few days time.

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