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New reduced shipping costs to the US with FedEx

One of the more complicated aspects of our business is moving sensitive temperature labels and indicators around the world so they get to our customers intact. This can be challenging, especially when products like the Freeze Watch are shipped when an unexpectedly cold period hits. The temperature labels in particular need careful packing and rapid shipment to ensure they reach the destination in good condition – the reaction and colour change is permanent once exposed!

In the past we’ve used UPS to deliver our urgent consignments, and unfortuately they charge pretty high prices. As a result, we’ve looked at alternatives and FedEx seems to have the best combination of price and service to ensure we get our thermometer labels, canning process indicators and home safety thermometers shipped to our customers. We also get to reduce our shipping costs and will be rolling these out over the next couple of weeks.

Delivery from the UK to the US takes 2 days to most major cities, so we aim to get an order shipped within 24-48 hours and with a customer in another 48 hours. In practice this duration can be halved.

Also, remember that food canning indicator products in the Retort Check and Cannery Check ranges are usually shipped to our US customers from the SteriTec manufacturing facility in Englewood, CO using UPS. Orders for small quantities of these retort sterilization indicators are sent from the UK where we hold a larger variety of stock.

The website calculates shipping costs automatically when you place an order, and if you need further information on our temperature indicator products and labels, please email us using this page of the website.

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Urgent shipments!

It’s been an interesting few weeks, keeping on top of the usual busy period before the festive period starts. We’ve added a few new products to the site and some more will go on in the next couple of weeks: liquid crystal thermometers for use in the home. More on that soon.

We had an interesting request this week – to ship some indicators to a cruise ship docking in New York within 2 days. After we’d checked the logistics, the labels shipped out the same day (yesterday) and were delivered today in NY. We normally work to process and ship an order in 24 hours – but when asked, and it’s possible, we do our best to work faster.

The unfortunate irony is that, whilst one courier can sometimes be great at getting a package to the US in 24 hours, another might let us down on a delivery travelling only 30 miles. We’ve been struggling with leadtimes this week due to UK couriers being swamped by Christmas freight. Sorry if you’re one of the small number who’ve been affected; for the next 2 weeks please let us know of your order is urgent so we can plan accordingly. Stay safe in the bad weather!

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