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Aston Martin to sell 37.5% to Italian company – learn how their upholstery is made

We learned today that Aston Martin, one of our favourite car manufacturers, has sold a chunk of the company to an Italian company, Investindustrial.

A while ago we were contacted by the aforementioned luxury car maker to help them find a way to ensure the upholstery met their very high standards. The leather used on car seats is bonded to a thin layer of foam before being fitted to the seat. The foam and leather are bonded together and pass over heated rollers to ensure a strong bond. The rollers are heated, each to a different temperature. What AM wanted to do was to verify the temperature of each roll once each had reached the appropriate operating temperature.

We suggested they used some of these: temperature sensitive labels. This enabled them to independently demonstrate the maximum temperature of each roller and ensure that the leather upholstery was properly constructed.

So if you’re ever fortunate enough to find yourself sat in an Aston Martin, remember the lengths they go to in order to make sure that seat meets their very high standards.

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