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We sell labels and tags that use intelligent inks to change colour when a change in conditions occurs.

Weve been in business for 25 years and supply customers all over the world. Our products have been used everywhere, from expeditions to climb Mount Everest to offshore oil rigs. Our labels are used on jets, F1 cars and anywhere that glass or electronic devices are impractical.

We have a comprehensive range of indicators that ensure medical instruments are washed and sterilized safely. If you buy canned or heat processed food, its likely that our indicators are used somewhere in the manufacturing process they are the benchmark for food safety and outperform every competitive product.

This site contains every product we stock, with detailed product information from interpretation guides to datasheets. We have learnt that every application is different so if you dont see exactly what you need, contact us its likely we can tailor a product to your specific requirements. For further information or guidance, please email us.