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Engine Check 10 pack

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A pack of 10 Engine Safe indicators
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WashSafe Indicator 10 pack

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Pack of 10 Washsafe Dishwasher Temperature Indicators.
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Retort Checks - box 250

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A box of 250 Retort Checks
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4 Level LaundryStrip
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Scale: C
Dimensions: 54 x 26mm
Colour change: one way permanent
Range: 71C to 88C
Reaction Time: Max 4 sec.
Type: Adhesive backed labels
Accuracy: +/- 1C
Accuracy & Conformity: Click Here
Education: How do they work?
LaundryStrip temperature labels are designed specifically for laundry applications where temperature achievement is critical for ensure an effective wash. The label carried four temperatures and is adhesive backed. It can also be placed in pockets with the backing paper in place and clamped to garments where the washing process is more aggressive.

The stickers come with 71, 77, 82 and 88C and the temperature cells are larger than other labels in our range, to make reading the label easier.

We know from our activities in the medical sector that temperature of wash processes is key, along with detergent levels and proper exposure of the item. These labels provide accurate evidence of the temperatures of exposure of individual garments.

The labels carry four cells to make them more cost-effective than our 8 level labels. They are both easy to interpret, reliable and come in packs of 10, with no minimum order.
Testing & Verification Procedure: Measuring Colour Change Temperatures of Temperature Indicating Labels

Laundry Strip
Laundry Strip Ref: LaundryStrip

Price: 8.23 / $13.16 (Exc. VAT at 20%)
Pack of 10 labels