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Green Card S/T
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Single Use Bowie Dick Test Card
EN ISO: 11140-1:2005, Class 2
ISO: 11140-4:2007
Colour change: Purple to Green for complete change and no air leak
Dimensions: 8.89cm x 4.572cm (3.5" x 1.8")
Reaction Time: 3.5 minutes at 134C (273.2F)
Type: Blotter paper Test Cards
Safety Data: Material Safety Data Sheet
This Bowie-Dick test card is the size of a credit card and so requires very little storage space.

The SteriTec Green Card S/T Bowie-Dick Test Cards are designed as an environmentally safe lead-free method for daily monitoring of pre-vacuum steam sterilizers to detect air leaks, inadequate steam penetration and vacuum pump failures.

Use for daily monitoring of pre-vacuum steam sterilizers operating at 134°C. The latest technology in the Bowie-Dick product line. Saves space and money while providing additional sterilizer information.

The Green Card S/T is designed to simulate a standard towel pack as defined by ISO 11140-4 test methods for detecting temperature drops and the presence of air. The card is placed in a Test Card Holder, the holder is then placed in the sterilizer in the most difficult to sterilize area. A sterilization cycle for 3.5 minutes at 134°C is run.

If no appreciable air is present in the sterilizer chamber after vacuums are drawn, the steam will penetrate the middle of the test card and turn the indicator sheet a uniform green colour. If a small amount of air is present, sufficient to cause a 2°C temperature drop in the middle of an ISO 11140-4 Bowie-Dick towel pack, the air will migrate to the middle leaving the centre of the card a purplish colour rather than uniform green.

  • Superior Ink Chemistry A colour change to Green indicates a Bowie-Dick test pass. If any purple colour remains in the centre, a fail is indicated.
  • Easy to use Reusable holder keeps cards in place
  • Requires less storage space than other BD products
  • Lower cost per test
  • High Standards
  • Environmentally Safe No disposable paper pack
  • Permanent colour change Can be used as a permanent record. Test information on the back

Green Card S/TSingle Use Bowie-Dick test card
Green Card S/T
Single Use Bowie-Dick test card
Ref: BD 117

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