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Green Card T
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Disposable Bowie Dick Test Card for small sterilisers
ISO: 11140-1:2005, Class 2
EN: 867-5
Colour change: Purple to Green for complete change and no air leak
Dimensions: 8.89cm x 4.572m (3.375" x 3.375")
Reaction Time: 3.5 minutes at 135C (275F)
Type: Blotter paper Test Cards
Safety Data: Material Safety Data Sheet
The Green Card T Air Removal & Steam Penetration test are designed as an environmentally safe lead free method for daily monitoring of tabletop pre-vacuum steam sterilizers to detect air leaks, inadequate steam penetration and vacuum pump failures.

Designed to detect air leaks, inadequate steam penetration and vacuum pump failures in table top pre-vacuum sterilizers operating at 135°C

The pouched card is placed in the sterilizer in the most difficult to sterilize area and the sterilizer is operated at a 3.5 minutes at 135°C sterilization cycle.

The Green Card T is designed to meet the EN 867-5 performance requirements for Alternative Indicators Equivalent to the Porous Load Process Challenge Device Test.

If no appreciable air is present in the sterilizer chamber after vacuums are drawn, the steam will penetrate to the middle of the test card and turn the indicator sheet a uniform green colour. If a small amount of air is present, the air will migrate to the middle leaving the centre of the card a purplish colour rather than uniform green.

  • Superior Ink Chemistry A colour change to Green indicates a Bowie-Dick test pass. If any purple colour remains in the centre, a fail is indicated.
  • Packaged in a sterilisation pouch Protects the indicator from excessively wet conditions.
  • Metal ring provided Allows Green Card T to be attached to a rack in the steriliser, to hold card in place during sterilisation cycle.
  • Permanent colour change Can be used as a permanent record. Test information recorded on the back of the card.

Green Card T
Green Card T Ref: BD 120

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