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Ultrasound Cleaning – an introduction to SteriTec Wash-Checks U washer monitors

Here at TI we’re big fans of  SteriTec instrument washer indicators. They provide more accurate and reliable  indications — based on a greater number of parameters than the competition — and often work out significantly cheaper. What’s not to like? Here’s a short video introducing the SteriTec Products [...] more
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Aston Martin to sell 37.5% to Italian company – learn how their upholstery is made

We learned today that Aston Martin, one of our favourite car manufacturers, has sold a chunk of the company to an Italian company, Investindustrial. A while ago we were contacted by the aforementioned luxury car maker to help them find a way to ensure the upholstery met their very high standards. The leather used on [...] more
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SteriTec sterilization indicators tested against Steris / Browne

Here at Temperature Indicators we’re strong advocates of the technological superiority of the SteriTec medical instrument sterilisation indicators when compared with the products made by Steris, Browne etc. We believe that SteriTec products provide not just a higher technical standard but a far greater level of [...] more
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Colder weather on its way? We’ve got that covered….

Here at TI we don’t see much seasonal variation in the amount of business we do, it just shifts from one set of products to another as the year progresses and the seasons change. In the summer we’re busy helping a lot of people protect items from excessive temperatures, for example by providing labels that [...] more
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How It Works: the Tempsafe 70 surface temperature warning label

In keeping with our idea to explain the functionality of our products, we thought we’d cover the Tempsafe 70, a neat product that can be used to show when the temperature of a surface has reached potentially dangerous levels. This label is really clever. First we start with a regular label with a printed image, in [...] more
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Verification Of Irreversible Indicator Labels

Testing and Verification Procedure Product Irreversible Temperature Indicator Labels Equipment Linkam TP92 temperature measurement stage (or similar Linkam model) with current calibration certificate traceable to UKAS (united Kingdom Accreditation Services). Accuracy Overall accuracy of the measurement system is ± 0.1ºC Instructions The test strip is applied to the block The temperature of the block is raised rapidly to 5ºC below the lower rating and [...] more
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How It Works: Irreversible Temperature Indicator Labels

Each temperature indicator label contains many component parts, all working together to give an accurate colour change when a temperature is reached. The key component at the core of the label is a number of active layers – and remember we’re talking very, very thin layers. One of these layers is [...] more
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Thermochromic Liquid Crystal Reversible Temperature Indicating Strips

These self adhesive labels consist of a series of temperature-sensitive elements containing microencapsulated TLC coated on a black backing. Each element changes colour distinctly as its rated temperature is reached, passing through the colours of the spectrum in sequence (Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue before turning black at a higher temperature.
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