Check Laundry Wash Temperatures with our LaundryStrip Label

Check Laundry Wash Temperatures with our LaundryStrip Label

We've seen a huge increase in recent months in the use of temperature sensitive labels to validate and verify laundry washing temperatures. We have a specific product for this application that is perfect for the job and provides a permanent record of temperatures for each wash cycle. In this blog post we discuss the benefits of using temperature sensitive labels in garment wash cycles.

Washing protective clothing such as coats, aprons, gloves, and hairnets at a high enough temperature is important in food preparation settings for several reasons:

  • Kills Bacteria: High temperatures help to kill bacteria and other microorganisms that may be present on the clothing. These microorganisms can cause foodborne illnesses if they come into contact with food, so it is essential to remove them.
  • Removes Dirt and Grime: High-temperature washing also helps to remove dirt, grease, and other grime that can accumulate on protective clothing during food preparation. This is important because these substances can also harbor bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.
  • Prevents Cross-Contamination: When protective clothing is not washed properly, it can lead to cross-contamination of food. This occurs when bacteria from one food item is transferred to another, potentially causing illness in people who consume the contaminated food.
  • Complies with Regulations: Many food safety regulations and guidelines require that protective clothing be washed at specific temperatures to ensure proper sanitation. Compliance with these regulations is necessary to maintain food safety and prevent foodborne illness outbreaks.

In summary, washing protective clothing for food preparation at a high enough temperature is essential for maintaining food safety, preventing cross-contamination, and complying with regulations. Find out more by checking out our Laundry Strip temperature sensitive label for clothes washing machine cycles here.

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  • Tim Arrowsmith