Environmental Policy

Temperature Indicators supports sustainability in production, distribution and the use of it’s products.

We offer a professional and comprehensive service whilst, wherever possible, maintaining the following principles:

  • Focus on supplying products that are kept as permanent records by our customers, thus avoiding waste
  • Reducing waste through recycling packaging and other general waste in our operation and aiming transfer to fully recyclable packaging as soon as possible
  • Reducing waste by discouraging the sending and receiving of large amounts of unsolicited promotional mail - that means no print catalogues! Everything is on our website
  • Utilising biodegradable materials in the day to day operation of our facility
  • Supporting our local community’s economy by using local services and suppliers whenever possible

We encourage these same principles in our suppliers and assess their activities often. We support the use of materials such as paper from managed, sustained forestry and positively discourage the use or sale of products that comprise unsafe or toxic materials or are derived from polluting processes. Our main products rely on water-based components and naturally occurring elements for their core functionality.

Our aims are part of a gradual shift towards cleaner methods of operation with less impact on the environment. We welcome any suggestions from suppliers and customers as to how to participate in improving this ongoing process.

If you have any questions regarding specific aspects of our operation, please contact us