Who are we and what do we do?

We are a supplier of temperature labels and time/temperature sensitive indicators for use in applications in which temperature needs to be checked, validated, and recorded. 

We provide low cost products that allow for continuous monitoring of surface temperature in environments where glass thermometers can't be used. We started out in the food canning industry, supplying time/temperature indicators for use in steam retorts to the world's biggest canned food manufacturers.

In recent years we have expanded our product range dramatically to meet the changing needs of our customers, and our indicators now find their way to an increasing variety of applications in all kinds of industries.

Why should you buy from us?

We are literally the only company doing this, and we have a lot experience and expertise in understanding how our products work, and how to ensure they are 100% accurate and reliable, every time. 

We set out from day one to supply best-of-breed products and back it up with experience and knowledge about how and where the products can be used. We have often advised a customer not to buy a product because we know the indicator won't work reliably in their particular application or environment.

We don't have a huge catalogue and we don't carry thousands of products; we focus on what we know works and we stick with it. Our objective is simple: to make sure you buy something that meets your needs at a price that's fair.

If you need any advice, just email us.

You've placed an order. How long will it take to reach you?

This one varies a little depending on the product. Some products are made to order and are pretty labour intensive to manufacture, and consequently take 5 weeks to manufacture and ship. Generally though, if you are based in the UK, or the lower 48 in the US, and the product is a regular stock item, the most you will normally wait is 4 working days for shipment - and we aim for 24 hours turnaround on 95% of our orders.

Some of the labels we sell activate at low temperatures. To avoid this happening in transit we try to avoid shipping over a weekend, when the movement or storage of a consignment while in the possession of DPD, UPS or FedEx cannot be accounted for reliably. 

You've ordered indicators that react at 29ºC. Won't they react in transit and be useless when they get there?

We ship low temperature indicators in protective frozen gel packs that should be cold enough to ensure that you receive everything in good condition. If this isn't the case then let us know and we'll replace the unused, reacted labels immediately. Make sure you put them in a refrigerator as soon as you receive them and apply them whilst wearing latex or nitrile gloves. Rather surprisingly, we have recorded surface temperatures of 85ºC in vehicle interiors on a sunny day outside our offices, so sometimes no amount of gel packs will protect the labels. We do our best, but contact us immediately if you have a problem.

I'm located in the USA. How will you ship my order?

We ship the majority of orders from the US or Canada from our location in Solvang, California. This keeps transit times a little shorter and shipping costs slightly lower than shipping from the UK. For anything else, we ship using one of three methods: UPS (Worldwide), Interlink DPD (UK and Europe) and Royal Mail (UK and Worldwide for our smallest items). Our staff have extensive experience of working in the airfreight and courier industries so we try to choose service providers that are reliable, and offer a fast service with good prices. We can ship collect if you prefer, using your FedEx, UPS and DHL accounts. We don't charge over the odds for shipping, what we pay is what you pay, and we continually review the performance of our service providers. If you have a bad experience with delivery, we want know about it so we can rectify the immediate situation and so we can make ongoing changes to improve our service.

Need a label / tag that is a bit bigger, with custom text, in a colour that matches a corporate logo?

We like a challenge! We have a lot of customers for whom we make indicators that are slightly different in some way. Email us what you want made and we'll see what we can do. There are some basic size, colour and minimum quantity parameters within which we have to work but lots of variations are possible. Expect a charge for any unusual shapes or bespoke text as we may need to make cutters and configure print which adds to the costs, though often we can use existing equipment to keep costs down.

Do we provide samples?

Yes! Just let us know what you want. However, please note we don't keep large quantities of samples of every product or temperature option due to varying shelf life issues. We can normally get something out to you that will enable you to evaluate the product properly and to see if it meets your needs.

How do we secure your card details?

We use payment processing companies that protect your data and your details are not stored on any of our systems. Any card details received over the phone or in house are destroyed as soon as your payment has been successfully processed.