About Us

Incorporated in 1988, Temperature Indicators Ltd started life as an offshoot of a major labelling and packaging manufacturer. Several requests were received from local food processors who needed labels which would show a definite colour change after exposure to a predetermined time and temperature cycle.

The level of interest in these products was such that a new company was formed to focus solely on the development of a range of products that fulfilled the requirements of our new customers.

Temperature Indicators Ltd now supplies indicators and test equipment to food processors all over the globe from Alaska to Australia. We regularly ship direct to 40+ countries and carry stock at our two locations in the United Kingdom and the USA. Our customers include many well known names and many private label food processors. We also take great care of the many smaller customers we have, giving each enquiry equal attention to detail

Our close relationships with several research establishments ensure we maintain our extensive experience and continuing commitment to excellence, making us proud to be your first choice for visual indication for the food processing, beverage manufacturing and water treatment industries.