How It Works: the Tempsafe 70 surface temperature warning label

How It Works: the Tempsafe 70 surface temperature warning label

In keeping with our idea to explain the functionality of our products, we thought we’d cover the Tempsafe 70, a neat product that can be used to show when the temperature of a surface has reached potentially dangerous levels.

This label is really clever. First we start with a regular label with a printed image, in this case one that shows a warning triangle, a temperature figure and a graphic depicting a thermometer. Put all that on a yellow background and you have a warning label that really stands out. The label is then coated with a material that is black at temperatures below 60C, thereby obscuring the yellow background and the printed graphics.

The label is adhesive backed and can be placed on most clean, dry, smooth surfaces (note that it’s important that the label is in contact with the surface, they react from the back forward; the adhesive side need to warm up to create the reaction).  Once in position, the temperature warning label will react to rising temperatures. Up to 60C there is no change and the label remains black. As 60C is reached and exceeded, the label will start to change colour. The black layer starts to turn clear, and the printed message below starts to be revealed.  At 70C the black layer is completely clear and the message is visible in its entirety.  The graphic on our website shows this change.


It gives a strong indication of temperature increase, is very obvious and visible, and the graphics allow for its use in all locations and facilities.

The neat thing about this label is that we can tailor make the backround to a customer’s requirement, so if you want a corporate logo, branding or even a special message in an alternative language, these can all be accomnodated, subject to some minimum quantity restrictions.  We trialled the label in a closed car interior recently on a warm sunny day, and we were surprised to see it change colour.

The label is available here and can be bought as a single label or in a value pack of 10 labels. It can be a big help in ensuring complaince with teh EU Machinery Directive. If you need more information, check out the product page on our website or get in touch.

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  • Tim Arrowsmith