Hot Surfaces, Cool Solution: Indicator Labels Prevent Burns

Hot Surfaces, Cool Solution: Indicator Labels Prevent Burns

In winter, burn risks lurk in hot workplaces, homes & care facilities.

Traditional methods like touch or sight fail, putting children, seniors, and those with sensory impairments at risk.

Enter the solution: Visual & reversible temperature indicator labels! These self-adhesive labels change color when surfaces get too hot, offering a clear, immediate warning.


  • Workplace: Reduce accidents, downtime, and costs with clear hot surface identification. Boost safety awareness and comply with regulations.
  • Home: Protect children and seniors from burns on appliances, radiators, and more. Enjoy peace of mind knowing hazards are marked.
  • Care Facilities: Ensure patient safety with labeled hot equipment and pipes. Reduce liability and improve staff efficiency.

Available in various sizes and temperature ranges, these labels are easy to apply and built to last.

Invest in safety, invest in peace of mind. Contact us today to find the perfect temperature indicator labels for your needs.

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  • Tim Arrowsmith